Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting IM Training

A reader of this blog wrote and asked about getting IM Training. Here is some info for those who are thinking about getting started.

There are 2 modes of training: Interactive (alone) and Workshop (in a group). As usual, there are tradeoffs.

If you have access to the IM equipment, then doing the interactive training is a great option. For $225 (or so), you are sent an excellent training manual with 12 lessons, each 30-90 minutes in length, of hands-on training. Most people complete the training in 4-6 weeks. The beauty of doing this is that you will experience the effects of using the product 2-3 times per week for several weeks. The OTs in my clinic found that doing our own course of IM helped us to get our own gears in sync and allowed us to move forward with projects. (For me, it was my blog.)

The workshop is very vaulable for the instructor contact. (I'm sure I missed a lot by not attending the workshop!) and you learn how to facilitate IM in just 48 hours. (And of course, you can then do your own hands-on training later).

Be aware that the IM equipment costs over $3,000. For that price you get hardware (that hooks to your computer), software, headphones, and hand and foot triggers. In addition to the initial equipment cost, the company charges about $6-8/hr for use of the system. You buy blocks of time from IM so that you can treat your clients. In fact, the real cost for a client's session is much less than $6-8, because the IM clock runs only during active clapping.

By the way, the trainees who purchase the Interactive course are given enough minutes to complete the course.

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