Friday, May 16, 2008

Sensory Profile Score Gains

I had an opportunity to check gains in the sensory processing skills of a 7 year old girl who had undergone 6 months of SI. Her clinic-based OT consisted primarily of vestibular & tactile interventions was 1/2 hour weekly sessions with modulated music playing in the backgound. This was followed by 1/2 hour sessions with a music therapist. In addition, she received 6 weeks (so far) of Therapeutic Listening and a very good sensory diet program at her school.

She made significant gains in her parent's eyes and it also registered on the Sensory Profile (SP). She now accepts hugs from her family without tactile defensiveness (talk about huge!). On the SP, She gained 10 points overall (from 497 to 487). Her Touch Processing score moved from definite difference to probable difference and the Sedentary Factor moved from probable difference to typcial.

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