Monday, October 19, 2009

ADHD Overfast Response to Tapping

When I have children with ADHD get started on an IM program, I automatically adjust the tempo to 63 beats per minute rahter than the standard tempo of 54. Why, they almost always over-anticipate the beat with the standard tempo and so miss clapping or tapping in rhythm. But when I change it to 63, most find their sweet spot and can perform admirably. IM's recently released bibliograpy of temporal studies points to research that came to the same conclusion. Check it out. That paper and others are found at this site. Here is the citation:

Hilla Ben-Pazi, Ruth S. Shalev, Varda Gross-Tsur, and Hagai Bergman. (2006). Age and medication effects on rhythmic responses in ADHD: Possible oscillatory mechanisms? Neuropsychologia 44: 412–416

This question came up for me recently. Does ADHD meds suppress timing? In this case, the meds are Adderall. I see a 6 year old girl who had excellent scores on IM prior to starting Adderall. Afterward, her score fell into the severely deficit range. Interesting. The above study found that there was no difference in timing skills for those on Methylphenidate (i.e. ritalin). I'd love to see a study on Adderall. Adderall is a combination fo amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It has a known side effect of appetite suppression.

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