Monday, November 2, 2009

Telling the difference: ASD, ADHD and Anxiety

Research by Hartley & Sikora in a recent issue of Autism Magazine:

Can you distinguish high functioning autism from ADHD and
from anxiety in older children? Here is a list of the DSM criteria
for autism along with the results from a study that tested for each
criteria in children with autism, ADHD and anxiety. It turns out
that many of the problem areas are shared by the three groups.
Check out the list below. (Note: DSM does not allow duel diagnosies
such as ASD and ADHD or ASD and anxiety.)

ADHD Anxiety

Delay/lack of speech Yes Yes
Impaired conversational ability No
Stereotyped/repetitive language Yes Yes
Lack of make-believe play Yes Yes
Social Behaviors

Non-verbal social behavior No No
Failure to develop peer relationships No No
Lack of seeking to share Yes Yes
Lack of social & emotional reciprocity No No
Restricted/repetitive/stereotyped patterns

Stereotyped/restrictive patterns of interest No
Non-functional routine or ritual
Stereotyped or repetitive motor mannerisms
Preoccupation with parts of objects Yes Yes

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