Monday, February 13, 2012

Coaching Cards

Check out the Parent Coach Cards available at There are 20 cards on a ring. Each card has a lively illustration on a topic such as flexibility, reactivity, organization skills, impulsive speech, and other ADHD-related behaviors.

The back side of each card contains text that parents can read to help coach their child on avoiding the problem behavior. The cards are set up for on-the-spot usage. A parent can grab a card, show it to the child and read text such as: "Finding your brakes means using your 'thinking side' to control your energy."

There is also first-person text for the child to read. Within that text are a number of 1-liners such as "I need my 'thinking side' even when I'm having fun", that can be used for quick reminders.

An associated coloring book is also available for sale on the site and on

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