Friday, April 6, 2012


MeMoves is an engaging exercise for small or large groups. Its developers describe it as "a kind of Western t’ai chi or yoga set to music". Children watch and imitate images of slow rhythmic movement and in the process get calm and improve attention skills. In children with autism it fascilitates the function of the mirror neurons.

The original product is a DVD with a variety of moves and costs $59. Watch the children below work to it.

There is also a MeMoves app for iPhone which helps with calming and focus, but without the whole-body movements. It is $10.

I've heard this described as a timing program - but I'm going to disagree with that. It is rhythmic, and the children are doing coordinated movement, but in what I've seen thus far, the stress is on calming and attention rather than on precise timing. In any event, it appears to be a great product! Find out more at

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