Sunday, July 15, 2012

EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy way to deprogram the brain of emotional garbage. The basic idea is that you tap on accupresure merideans while bringing up difficult emotions or memories followed by saying positive things (affirmations) about yourself. They claim that the emotions disappear and the memories become neutral. The evidence says that it is effective and my own quick experimentation with it sold me on it. Bad memories were indeed neutralized. It felt a bit like magic.
There are a number of YouTubes that demonstrate the method, including how to do this with a child. You will want to read The EFT Manual by Gary Craig before you try it. And by all means, don't do it on others if you are not professionally capable of handling the situations you could get into. There are lots of workshops out there that can give you a hands-on approach to learning it.

Gary Craig's web site is


Christine Eubanks said...

"The basic idea is that you tap on accupresure merideans while bringing up difficult emotions or memories followed by saying positive things (affirmations) about yourself."

Hmm do I need to use any tools for EFT? Can you give me a good reference to learn on? Thank you!

Christopher Alterio said...

Here is a good reference to start:

Teresa said...

You can get started using The EFT Manual. It is available at bookstores.

With regard to the CSIOP article on lack of research on EFT, the above book points to some of the research. There is a list of articles by EFT researchers at this address:

That list includes a number of articles published in respectable scientific journals. One should remember that EFT comes from Acupressure which in itself has been found to be efficacious. I understand that it is a stretch for those who want their science "straight up". (If I can't see it, it isn't real.) But truly, there is evidence for many forms of Chinese Medicine. We would be poorer if we threw them out.