Friday, January 18, 2013

Videos on Diet and ADHD

I am a fan of psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Parker - author of The New ADHD Medication Rules. Dr. Parker makes a study of the roles our gut and brain chemistry play in sensitivities to meds. He has put together a set of short videos that speak to those issues and to food sensitivities. There are related articles on his website at Check it out!


Barbara said...

Last year I came to your self regulation course in Maryland where I shared with you info re: MeMovesTM. I just saw your brochure for this year, and was happy to see that you are now including it as a resource in your course. I think it has great potential for many students.

Teresa said...

It's an awesome tool. The folks at Thinking Moves sent me a demo of MeMoves and now I use it in my workshop. The attendees get to try out one of the harder routines - and they really like it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!