Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Blog

I am starting up and new blog and that will slow my activities on this blog. The new blog will cover some of the same territory, but be focused on new interventions, technologies and clients aged 12 - 99. The new blog is called Brain Tune-Ups - that's the name of my Ann Arbor clinic. The blog is at

A big factor for the change is that a small flood destroyed all of my research articles on peds and autism. But the change would have come in any event, since I am shifting my practice into teens and adults away from children. The title of this blog just doesn't do justice to where my practice is heading. I will continue to work with clients whose main concerns are self regulation or the symptoms of autism and so I will continue to have material for this blog.

On the Brain Tune-Ups site, I will continue to write about Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, Samonas, stress reduction, etc. And I'll publish the results of the adult study there.

By the way, my clinic's website is