Monday, April 25, 2011

More Video Modeling

Mary Beth Palo began videotaping "everything" she wanted her son with autism to learn - turn the lights on and off, put on clothing, tie shoes, behavior for the grocery store, etc., etc. He watched the videos and learned how to do it all. He was tying shoes at age 5. His language increased. She helped him learn his ABA lessons using video taping, too. Child Net has a wonderful video of Ms. Palo describing her work with her son. Watch it here. This is great stuff!

When she realized how successful that could be, she created a combined ABA/video modeling program with the endorsement of James Partington, PhD, BCBA-D, a behavior analyst who developed the ABLLS-R model for assessing the skills of a child with autism. Both Ms. Palo and Dr. Partington market it on their websites. Go to her website:  WatchMeLearn.