Sunday, September 13, 2009

Timing Literature Review Source

Improved brain timing is at the heart of most of the big breakthroughs for clients in my practice. I've tried to keep up with the literature, but it is vast and complex. Now Kevin McGrew and Amy Vega have put together a review of theory, diagnosis and treatment research. It is available here in PDF format. There are additional appendices for those who wish to delve deep into the literature. The appendices can be accessed via Kevin McGrew's August 14th blog. In that blog, he gives an interesting introduction to the paper. Check it out.

More on Calming Rhythms

I was recently asked about using Calming Rhythms by REI Institute in the school setting, so I revisited the REI Inst. site to see what is new. Jeff Strong has updated his web site and formalized his program offerings. He offeres customized programs for children, training for therapists and non-customized CDs that can be used for calming.

The REI program is noteworthy because it does not require headphones. The thearpy is less for auditory processing than for rhythm and structure. OTs and SLPs that have clients using the program say that the children are more grounded, calmer and happier. The customized CDs been used for many children with autism and ADHD.

A therapist can get trained for $275. Parents can have a 10 week custom program created (and edited, if necessary) for their child for $495. Not bad. I would try the custom program on children from whom the traditional sound therapy does not work (due to head phones).

As for non-customized solutions: The "Calming Rhythms" CD is a powerful recording that I found to work for some children and to be counter-productive for others. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. REI Institute claims that it can be used with groups, but from what I've seen, it is not appropriate for the classroom. In any event, at $35, it may be worth a try. Here is my earlier blog entry on the Calming Rhythms CD.