Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Sun and ADHD Diagnosis

Another brief post: the Questioning Answers blog has a nice discussion on the topic of solar intensity and the occurence of ADHD. Also go here for a discussion of the research on this topic by its key author.

*Corrections made to links on 6/2/13

Friday, April 12, 2013

Paul Whiteley's Questioning Answers and IACC 2012 Research Highlights

There is an excellent blog out of the UK called QuestioningAnswers that tracks biological research in autism around the world. Paul Whiteley, the blog's author is a researcher himself as well as a competent writer. He provides the context of the articles he reviews as well as pointers to similar papers. If you like to go deep and see what's out there, this is for you.

In that same light, the Interagency Autism Coordination Committee (IACC) published a review of advances in autism research this past year. Paul Whitely reviewed the review this past week (April 9, 2013) and added to it. Check it out.


1. IACC Website:

2. QuestioningAnswers blog: