PESI Classes


These classes are available through PESI. Follow the links to learn about content and pricing.

Full Day Classes

Here are DVDs of my day-long classes.

Regulating Children with Autism and/or Sensory Disorders: Cutting-Edge Interventions to Satisfy Sensory Cravings and Sensitivities
May 2016, 6 hours

Self-Regulation in Children: Keeping the Body, Mind & Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders
Marchs 2015, 6 hours

Advanced ADHD Treatment for Children & Adults: Strategies to Help Your Clients Self-Regulate, Stay on Task and Manage Anxiety & Intense Emotions
November 2015, 6 hours

Short Workshops!

Here is a 4-part workshop I recorded in February, 2016. You can get each part separately or get them bundled.

This is a classic 2-hour workshop on working with children with autism. It is an excellent resource for new therapists, educators and for parents.

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Unknown said...

Do you come to cities and do 1 day workshops? We are starting to look at setting up a Sensory workshop for our community and you are highly recommended from our local OT's.
We are located in Indiana.